The Ida Institute announced it will introduce a number of new resources and initiatives at the 2019 American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Conference, from apps, to eLearning courses, and various new projects aimed at advancing person-centered practices in hearing care.

“The Ida Institute caters to a wide audience of clinicians, academics, and audiology students,” said Lise Lotte Bundesen, managing director of the Ida Institute. “This year, we are happy to be able to offer each of these audiences new resources that can help them improve their skills and provide inspiration in their daily work.”

New App—Ida Tools at Your Fingertips

The new Ida tools app makes it easier for audiologists to implement Ida tools in their practice.

The app allows clinicians to easily access and share relevant tools with their clients to prepare them in advance for their appointments or share tools with their colleagues. In just two clicks, clinicians can download the app and bookmark or share their favorite tools.

New Educational Resources

The Ida Institute continues to expand its range of educational resources for clinicians, academics, and students.

The Ida University Course will offer two new modules on teleaudiology and tinnitus management. The free modules provide ready-made lesson plans, videos, handouts, and an instructor’s guide to help educators introduce the principles of person-centered care into their current curricula when teaching students about these topics.

Ida has also developed new eLearning courses on teleaudiology and tinnitus management. The courses, which are freely available from the Ida Learning Hall, are designed for clinicians who want to upgrade their skills and get practical ideas on how to embrace teleaudiology and tinnitus management in a person-centered manner.

Enhanced Pediatric Portfolio

The Ida Institute tool portfolio has been expanded with several new pediatric resources.

The My World tool has been launched as a free tablet app. The tool was originally designed as a board game that allows children with hearing loss to recreate their day and talk about how they communicate in different environments—at home, on the playground, or in the classroom. Through the new app, My World is now available anywhere in an interactive format that is intuitive and attractive for children to use.

Transitions Management is a resource with videos, quizzes, and recommendations to help families navigate different transitions in childhood and youth. A new section covering ages 0-3 has been added to the platform, which now spans from newborns to 18+ years.

The Ida Institute will collaborate with Eileen Rall, AuD, from the Center for Childhood Communication at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to spearhead further development of Ida’s pediatric resources in the coming year.

“Our pediatric tools are very popular among both clinicians and educators,” said Bundesen. “By teaming up with a renowned expert such as Eileen Rall, we aim to take our pediatric resources to the next level and ensure that they reflect the latest developments in pediatric audiology today.”

Rall will be a guest host at the Ida booth on Friday, March 29 at 12:00 pm. Conference participants are invited to drop by to discuss the gaps and needs in pediatric audiology education today.

Communicating Hearing Test Results in a Person-centered Way

The Ida Institute will also present the prototype of a new tool intended to make it easier for hearing care professionals to communicate a person’s hearing status to them in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand.

The prototype is the outcome of an innovation process including ethnographic observations, surveys, workshops, and interviews with patients and clinicians. The new prototype will be discussed and tested at the Ida booth throughout the conference.

The Inspired by Ida Label

Finally, the Inspired by Ida initiative will be on display at the Ida booth with information on how to join this free program and achieve the Inspired by Ida label.

The label, which allows hearing care professionals to enhance and brand their practice with person-centered care, was launched at AAA 2018 and is attracting a growing number of individuals and clinics from around the world.

“The Inspired by Ida label allows us to build up awareness about person-centered care in the general public. It is a unique way for those working in a person-centered manner to show their dedication to high-quality care,” said Bundesen.

Visit the Ida Institute booth (#1006) at AAA 2019 in Columbus, Ohio from March 27-29, 2019. You can also follow the Ida Institute on Twitter at @idainstitute or for updates during the conference.

Source: Ida Institute