Health Credit Services (HCS), a Charlotte, NC-based, technology-driven, healthcare financing company, helps patients access quality-of-life healthcare procedures by devising smart, simple financing solutions designed to work within their budgets. At the same time, HCS aims to provide a plan that will help maintain a consumer’s long-term financial health, giving them the tools to manage expenses without causing budgetary strain. Given the increasing amount out-of-pocket healthcare costs that consumers are expected to bear in today’s healthcare market, financing can help defray the immediate impact of large co-pays.

The company’s ownership of the end-to-end lending process—HCS is said to have over $1.2 billion capacity and is capitalized by growth and private equity investors—helps it to implement immediate change. HCS is also backed by well-known bank and credit union partners to safeguard against changing market conditions, and its continued growth includes $1 billion in loan requests, with originations growing +15% on a month-by-month basis, according to the company.

HCS Helping Audiology Providers Grow Their Business

HCS is the #3 Elective Healthcare Financing Partner and supports the nation’s top providers in audiology, cosmetic, fertility, and dental segments. HCS brings an innovative approach to patient financing and offers providers a fully customizable solution that includes a frictionless workflow implementation, credit options for all tiers, awareness and loyalty drivers, and revenue maximization tools all designed to help providers grow their business.

For consumers, HCS offers a “Payment Calculator,” a handy tool to help estimate/plan monthly payments as well as the option to “Refer Your Doctor,”  if your current healthcare provider does not offer HCS financing. Pre-qualifying for a loan is quick and easy—the company estimates it takes about 1 minute—and will help ensure that your treatment protocol is not delayed.

Additionally, consumers can sign up for the HCS Customer Care Portal which allows users to manage payments, view statements, and find answers to frequently asked questions online.

For more information, please call 1-800-427-9184 or visit the HCS website here.

Source: HCS

Image: HCS