P2i, the maker of the Aridion nano-coating repellent technology that protects many modern hearing aids today, has received the Outstanding New Product/Service Award from Global Business Excellence (GBE). P2i received the recognition for its innovative development of Aridion for high volume manufacturing (pictured).

Both public and private sector organizations compete for GBE Awards. Their goal is to demonstrate to the judges an ability to work smarter than their competitors to create a business edge.

According to the company’s press release, P2i impressed the award judges with its commercial proposition and significant cost benefits brought to customers by the application of Aridion’s nano-coating to completed devices at the end of the manufacturing process.

Andrew Areoff, founder of Areoff, a multi-award winning insurance and financial services web design agency, and chairman of the judges, said in the press statement, "For the thousands, or even millions, of us who have dropped our mobile phone in water, perhaps in the sink, or in a swimming pool, and found to our dismay that it doesn’t work anymore, this is a technology that will be hugely appreciated.”

Aridion not only protects hearing aids, but also is applied to many consumer electronics, such as cell phones, protecting them from the effects of water and corrosion damage.

Areoff noted, "It has already made a huge impact on the hearing aid industry with 60% of the global production of hearing devices now protected by Aridion. Let’s hope smart phone manufacturers adopt this new technology at the same rate."

The Aridion technology works by applying an ultra-thin coating to a device, lowering the surface energy so that liquids that come into contact with the product remain attracted to themselves, not the surface. Consequently, Aridion makes it difficult for water to penetrate the devices, and if moisture does reach the internal components, the water moves away from the surface instead of spreading out and sticking onto the device where it would cause long term corrosion damage.

A P2i video explaining the process is below.