Based on years of research and development at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, AHead Simulations announced the official release of their first training simulator, CARL, to market.

Ahead Simulations' Canadian Audiology simulator for Research and Learning (CARL)

Ahead Simulations’ Canadian Audiology simulator for Research and Learning (CARL)

CARL is said to simulate a hearing loss patient to help provide users the ability to fit hearing aids outside of a clinical environment. According to the company’s announcement, ears developed directly from CT scans provide a realistic anatomical model with clinically relevant ear canal acoustics.

CARL is equipped with a tracking system within its head to provide a real-time video feed of its ear canals for feedback on hearing aid fitting procedures. Users can receive feedback as to how far objects are placed in the ear canal and their distance to the eardrum, all while recording their performance.

AHead Simulations resulted from a three-year research project from President & Founder Rob Koch.

“It is very exciting seeing the results of our research flourish into a product that can help individuals in the field with their training requirements,” said Koch. “With our research finding students who used CARL performed better in clinical scenarios than those students who did not, we are very optimistic in CARL’s ability to help better the standard of training in the field.”

With the official announcement of CARL, AHead will be exhibiting at AAA 2019 in Columbus, Ohio, at booth 837. Stop by for a hands-on demo with CARL, and a sneak peak at baby-CARL,  AHead’s next pediatric training tool.

For more information, email Rob Koch at: [email protected]

Source: AHead Simulations

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