The new Ria by Oticon, Somerset, NJ, is the latest addition to Oticon’s Performance Line. The company says the device re-defines what patients can expect in an essential hearing solution, by providing excellent sound quality and increased ability of hearing care professionals to match patients’ personal sound and style preferences.

A unique combination of advanced audiological features, including Binaural Synchronization and the Inium feedback shield, enable professionals to provide a more satisfying listening experience shaped to each user’s personal sound preferences. Ria is Oticon’s first entry-level hearing instrument to take full advantage of the powerful and efficient Inium processing platform that delivers exceptional performance, incredibly small size and ultra-low power consumption. 

“Offering this level of performance in an entry-level solution is unheard of in our industry,” says Oticon president, Peer Lauritsen. “At Oticon, we are committed to putting the needs of people first. Innovative solutions such as Ria help us to ensure that users at all technology levels have the ability to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively.”

More than 1,800 hearing care professionals participated in an online experience to introduce Oticon Ria. The event featured a short video hosted by Oticon vice president of marketing, Sheena Oliver, a live Q&A session, and a wealth of downloadable resources. Highlights of the introduction, including an animated product demonstration, an interactive quiz, and sound demonstrations are available at   

Easy Listening, All Day Comfort

Oticon Ria features the Inium feedback shield that dramatically reduces unwanted feedback without the significant distortion that is common in the feedback approaches of other entry-level hearing instruments. The Inium feedback system uses smart frequency shifting and phase inversion technologies to suppress feedback while still maintaining a high level of audibility. Users experience the best possible signal fidelity and full, appropriate gain needed to optimize audibility, even in difficult listening situations. 

Oticon’s personalization process allows Ria to be personalized to users’ specific listening preferences and to the sound situations they experience on a daily basis.  The result is a hearing solution that users can wear comfortably throughout the day.

Also available for the first time in the essential category, Binaural Synchronization ensures that two Ria Pro hearing instruments work together to provide improved performance and a more balanced sound picture for users. 

With the addition of the Streamer Pro, Ria users to enjoy effortless connectivity to modern communication devices in one integrated system.

A Full Family of Choices

Ria is available in a full line of products from IIC or CIC to BTE. With the launch of Ria, Oticon introduces new custom solutions across the entire portfolio. This includes a new custom power receiver at the 100 fitting level for severe-to-profound losses and an IIC in Ria Pro, Alta Pro and Nera Pro, combining the performance benefits of the Inium platform with the discreetness of an IIC.

Source: Oticon