The Ida Institute announced the establishment of new partnerships with the British Society of Audiology (BSA), an organization for hearing care professionals; Aston University in Birmingham, UK; and Høreforeningen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The partnerships are part of the Ida Institute’s effort to create a network of organizations that work together towards a more person-centered approach to hearing care, the Institute reports.

“By partnering with a number of influential professional organizations, patient associations, and academic institutions around the world, we aim to gather different perspectives and work closely with them to advance a person-centered approach to audiology,” said Institute Managing Director, Lise Lotte Bundesen.


“We have been collaborating with the Ida Institute on a number of initiatives in the past year, including the organization of online debates and courses. This has allowed us to strengthen our offerings to our members, and we are looking forward to intensifying our collaboration with the Ida Institute in the future,” said Laura Turton, operations manager from BSA.


Majbritt Garbul Tobberup, chair of Høreforeningen, a Denmark-based organization that supports individuals with hearing loss, also welcomes the new partnership.

“The patient’s needs should be front and center of hearing care and we are very pleased to collaborate with Ida Institute to advance person-centered care,” said Garbul Tobberup.

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Since November 2017, the Ida Institute has formalized partnerships with the Hearing Loss Association of America(HLAA); Action on Hearing Loss, UK, and the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Source: Ida Institute

Images: Ida Institute, BSA,  Høreforeningen