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How to Manage in Managed Care, Part 2

While provider participation in managed care remains optional, managed care is now an integral part of US healthcare, and hearing care as a supplemental benefit continues to grow in private and public health plans. Part 1 (published in September) of this 3-part series was a primer on health insurance and managed care. In Part 2, we investigate the recent growth of managed care and the expansion of supplemental benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing care and common perceptions and criticisms of managed care among hearing healthcare providers.

The Partnership of Family-centered Care in Adult Audiology Service

Family-centered Care (FCC) is an extension of patient-centered care, placing emphasis on the role of family and acknowledges the patient and their family members as the unit of care, rather than just the patient. Barbra Timmer, PhD, MBA, answers questions about FCC and discusses the research, outcomes, and economics behind why it is so important in hearing healthcare.

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AuDStandard Partners with Hear Billing Solutions

The partnership will reportedly give AuDStandard members access to a range of services designed to help hearing practices increase revenue and decrease receivables including insurance billing, credentialing and contracting, on-site insurance training, business readiness, insurance verification, consulting, and more.

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Are You “Clued-in” to Offer the Ultimate Patient Experience?

While most practices have neither the Imagineers nor unlimited financial capabilities to create an audiology clinic for a “Disney experience,” practice managers should realize that every patient visit to the clinic has to be an unexpected positive experience to turn them into a loyal, repeat customer.

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HHTM Releases New Book, ‘Interpersonal Audiology,’ by Brian Taylor, AuD

In the ”New Age” of patient autonomy—as persons with hearing loss increasingly have the ability to self-direct their care by testing and purchasing hearing devices over-the-counter—counseling and customization are components that still require a human element, and at the heart of this human element is Interpersonal Audiology.

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Steering Into the Winds of Change, Part 2: Three Ways to Attract and Retain More Clients

It is not easy to bring patients into the clinic these days. So when a patient does walk through the door of your office, you want to give them an exceptional customer experience. Establishing trust, making the necessary tweaks to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction (delight) at every step, and laying the groundwork for future patient advocacy creates long-term value with your patient, and long-term dividends for your business.

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