My Vitals Pro, a hearing healthcare business intelligence company based in Sacramento, California, announced the launch of My Vitals Pro 2.0, an interactive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard tailored for practice owners and managers.

With the introduction of the new dashboard, the platform has been enhanced to provide an even more intuitive, accessible, and insightful experience for users. The company is dedicated to enabling data-driven decision-making, empowering hearing care professionals to achieve their practice goals efficiently and with confidence.

The latest features include:

  • Enhanced Data Visualization: My Vitals Pro 2.0 delivers an upgraded color palette and more visuals that translate vast amounts of data into actionable insights at a glance.
  • Detailed Table Views: Users gain access to comprehensive table views associated with each metric and KPI, enabling a deeper understanding of the factors impacting their business’s performance.
  • Improved Retail Pricing Analysis: The platform now provides insights into potential missed revenue by technology level and hearing aid model, allowing for more informed pricing decisions.
  • Upgraded Marketing Module: A revamped marketing module enables users to track opportunities by referral source, optimizing advertising spending.
  • Innovative Benchmarking Module: The new dashboard introduces a benchmarking module that offers percentile rankings compared to similarly sized practices across vital metrics and KPIs. This feature helps users identify areas for improvement and provides context by showcasing average provider performance during specific periods.
  • Market Share Analysis: The new Market Share module empowers users to precisely target market areas for analysis, offering estimates for total private pay and Third-Party Administrator (TPA) hearing aid revenue potential.

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“We are thrilled to introduce My Vitals Pro 2.0, a game-changing evolution of our platform,” says Will Diles, HIS, co-founder of the company. “Our commitment to providing world-class business intelligence to hearing care practices remains steadfast. With these enhancements, we empower practice owners and managers to make informed decisions that drive success.”My Vitals Pro is inviting hearing care professionals to schedule a personalized demo of My Vitals Pro 2.0 to experience firsthand the transformative capabilities of this innovative platform.

Photo: My Vitals Pro 2.0