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Sens Grassley and Warren Release OTC Hearing Aid Report

Sens Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) released the findings of their new bipartisan investigative report: Loud and Clear: Why Americans Want Effective and Affordable Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids – and How Powerful Special Interests are Trying to Undermine Them.

MarkeTrak 10: Hearing Aids in an Era of Disruption and DTC/OTC Devices

On the eve of major changes in the regulations governing the distribution of hearing aids in the United States, including the new upcoming class of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing devices, MT10 looks at consumers’ perceptions about hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs)—as well as their attitudes about OTC devices and do-it-yourself hearing care.

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FDA Issues Letter to “OTC Hearing Aid” Manufacturers

A letter by the FDA’s William Maisel cautions that hearing devices cannot use “OTC hearing aids” in their marketing since the FDA definition of this hearing aid class—which would probably include severity of loss and other important safety, quality, and labeling requirements—has not yet been established.

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