Soundly, a hearing health marketplace, announced the launch of an online platform to “modernize the way consumers purchase hearing aids.” The platform is designed to help consumers find products, compare prices, and gain access to a consumer-friendly online database of audiologists.

About 1 in 10 people in the US suffer from hearing loss and, on average, wait 10 years to purchase hearing aids, in part because of a long difficult research process, confusing pricing structure, and the stigma. Soundly said it “aims to radically change that by helping consumers find the help they need in using modern, consumer-friendly technology.”

“At age 30, I got my first pair of hearing aids after becoming aware of my own hearing loss nearly two decades earlier,” said Blake Cadwell, CEO and Founder of Soundly. “After the pandemic and widespread mask wearing took away my ability to read lips, I was forced to take my hearing loss seriously. What I found when I began my research was a jumble of information that was confusing and intimidating to navigate. My goal with Soundly is to give those with hearing loss a one-stop, online experience with clear and simple pricing and access to the most robust, consumer-friendly network of licensed audiologists. When I searched for hearing aids I had more than a dozen tabs open. Soundly brings that experience together into one, easy-to-use site experience.”

According to Soundly’s announcement, “customers report that Soundly’s pre-negotiated rates on prescription products lead to 20-40% savings compared to retail prices, making it the easiest and fastest way to shop and save.”

“Soundly is providing a digital experience that caters to the modern hearing healthcare consumer,” said Dr Ben Thompson, audiologist and founder of Treble Health. “Independent reviews of hearing aids have historically been difficult for consumers to find and Soundly is helping to change that. This kind of transparent and audiology-backed marketplace will be even more important as new products from the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act become available in late 2022.”

This innovation is especially important now as millennials and Gen Z are more exposed to dangerous sound levels than any other generation before. One in five teens today will experience some form of hearing loss — a rate about 30% higher than it was 20 years ago. By 2050 it is estimated 700 million people will have disabling hearing loss (1 in 10).

About Soundly 
Soundly is the “first-ever hearing healthcare marketplace that helps consumers find products, compare prices, and connect to care with a consumer-friendly database of licensed audiologists.”

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