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Service-Delivery Considerations of Direct-to-Consumer Devices in the New Age of Rehabilitative Hearing Healthcare

While hearing care professionals might perceive OTC/DTC as a threat or detrimental to their professional autonomy and livelihood, authors Rupa Balachandran and Amyn Amlani show how there are opportunities to meet the demand of listeners with impaired hearing through the provision of revenue-generating professional services. These service opportunities allow for the preservation of the independent practice channel for those practitioners who understand and recognize the economics of the transformed, and continually evolving, US hearing healthcare environment.

The Costco Effect

Does the presence of hearing aid dispensing Costco locations influence nearby private practices’ hearing aid revenue and average sale price performance? This study analyzes the relationship between the proximity of Costco locations and Audigy members’ hearing aid sales performance. Results indicate nearby Costco locations have a neutral to weak positive impact on Audigy members’ hearing aid revenue and average sale price.

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