On August 8, Audigy—a medical management company—hosted a car wash fundraiser for Creations for Cures, a nonprofit that does art projects with kids and young adults who are battling cancer or other serious illnesses, the company announced. The car wash raised $1,517, which was matched by Audigy, for a total of $3,034.


“[We had an] amazing team, amazing customers, and an amazing cause,” said Operations Manager and volunteer Micah Bobiak.

In four hours, nine operations managers washed 42 cars. The donations from this car wash will fund another 76 hours of art outreach to children.

Renee Dieffenderfer, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma suvivor, founded Creations for Cures. The nonprofit provides art kits to children, hosting art events and partnering with other organizations that have joined in this important fight.

“As a cancer survivor myself, I learned how significant creating art was,” said Dieffenderfer, a senior operations manager with Audigy. “It was, and still is, a way I can express myself and experience joy. I used a watercolor set my mother gave me to paint birds as a way to be with my father, who had passed away the previous year from cancer. Often I would just put color on paper without any intention at all, just to feel good. My vision for Creations for Cures is to use art as a weapon in the fight against cancer,” she said.

With its success comes growth; Creation for Cures will be updating its website and Facebook page with expansion updates. The volunteer program plans to become a weekly fixture at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Ore and will then expand to other hospitals and treatment centers in Oregon.

Source: Audigy

Images: Audigy