The National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) will be holding its 6th International Conference in Portland, Ore, on September 18 to 20, 2013 titled “Beyond the Audiology Clinic: Innovations and Possibilities of Connected Health.”  This year’s NCRAR conference will address teleaudiology—a topic that is rapidly increasing in importance and relevance to clinicians and scientists alike.  HR NCRARLogo

In addition to presentations from invited speakers, there will be a poster session for which you can submit an abstract, and an interactive technology exhibit at which the latest innovations in teleaudiology will be demonstrated. The program will also include plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.

As always, registration will be kept to a minimum (early registration: $120 for VA employees and students; $180 for all others), and we will be offering scholarships for students and clinicians.

Presentation Topic Areas: 

• Principles and methods underlying telemedicine;

• How teleaudiology fits into the changing health care landscape;

• Outcomes from established teleaudiology programs in Alaska and Brazil;

• State-of-the-art of VA teleaudiology;

• Automated hearing testing;

• Self-fitting hearing aids;

• Tele-Aural Rehabilitation;

• Attitudes toward telepractice; and

• 24/7 Home-based care—the OHSU Living Labs

Invited speakers include Harvey Abrams, PhD, Terry Chisolm, PhD, Deborah Ferrari, PhD, Chad Gladden, AuD, Louise Hickson, PhD, Jeffrey Kaye, PhD, John Kokesh, MD, Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD, Robert Margolis, PhD, and Jerry Northern, PhD.  

For more details, registration, poster submissions, and scholarship applications, see the conference website at:


Related articles on teleaudiology: HR published a special edition on teleaudiology in October 2012, guest-edited by Dr Northern, that included perspectives from several of the speakers invited to present at this conference, including:

Extending Hearing Healthcare: Tele-audiology, by Jerry Northern, PhD

Are You Ready for Remote Hearing Aid Programming? by Jason Galster, PhD, and Harvey Abrams, PhD

Therapeutic Patient Education via Teleaudiology: Brazilian Experiences, by Deborah Ferrari, PhD

Tele-practice in the Department of Veterans Affairs, by Kyle Dennis, PhD; Chad Gladden, AuD; Colleen M. Noe, PhD