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US Hearing Aid Sales Increase by 5.3% in 2018; Approach 4-Million Unit Mark

US hearing aid unit sales increased by 5.3% in 2018, falling just 30,000 units short of the 4 million mark, according to HIA fourth quarter statistics. For the year, the commercial sector experienced unit sales gains of 5.95%, while the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) dispensing activity increased by 2.4%.

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Will Hearing Aid Sales Top 4 Million Units in 2018?

According to HIA statistics, the US hearing aid market has experienced sales gains of 5.9% and may exceed 4 million hearing aid units dispensed by the end of 2018. Here’s a summary of the US hearing industry statistics through the third quarter of this year, including a look at the most-common styles of hearing aids sold.

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US Hearing Aid Sales Up by 5.7% in First Half of 2018

In the second quarter of 2018, US quarterly sales of hearing aids exceeded 1 million net units for the first time in the industry’s history, according to statistics generated by the Hearing Industries Association (HIA). In Q2 2018, unit sales increased by 5.73% compared to the same period last year—the exact same percentage growth as the first quarter’s sales’ growth rate.

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US Hearing Aid Unit Sales Increased by 8.7% in 2016

According to HIA statistics, 3.65 million hearing aid units were dispensed in the United States during 2016—or 8.7% more than in 2017. For the private/commercial sector, hearing aid unit sales grew by 10.6% in 2016—a strong follow-up to the 7.8% gains experienced in 2015. However, when accounting for gains by Big Box retailers and other factors, unit gains for most dispensing practices in 2016 were more likely to be around 6%.

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