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Issues in Cognitive Screenings by Audiologists

The discovery and management of cognitive issues, which may masquerade as or occur in tandem with hearing problems, allows the hearing healthcare professional to better address the global needs of the patient in a timely manner. In this article, Douglas Beck, Barbara Weinstein, and Michael Harvey advocate for the universal cognitive screening of patients aged 70 and older with hearing loss, even in the absence of obvious signs or symptoms of cognitive impairment.

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Right Product; Right Message: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Interacting with Patients

This article is a micro-level analysis of how hearing care professionals can help patients deconstruct their hearing loss and reprogram “wrong messages.” To the extent that a person with hearing loss has internalized negative social norms, a “traditional” audiology or hearing care visit is likely to trigger shame-based self-evaluative cognitions. For example, “I didn’t study properly for the hearing test, therefore I’m unworthy.”

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