members of the screening division

(L-R): David Adlin (hearing screening market manager), Diane Sabo (hearing screening program manager), Randi Winston-Gerson (hearing screening program manager); and Ron Saks (account executive).

Audiology Systems, a full-service US distributor of GN Otometrics products (MADSEN, AURICAL, ICS, and GENIE) and other brands, has announced the addition of Ron Saks, Randi Winston-Gerson, AuD, and Diane Sabo, PhD, to the company’s screening division.

“We are excited about the team we’ve built,” said David Adlin, screening market manager at Audiology Systems. “Since 2012, Audiology Systems has expanded the depth and breadth of our screening product offerings to help hearing healthcare professionals meet their screening requirements. With Ron, Diane and Randi on board, we can now offer our customers more consultative expertise and education up front, and robust training support on the back end in order to help programs transition out of older screening technology platforms.”

According to Audiology Systems, Saks, Winston-Gerson, and Sabo collectively bring more than 60 years of experience in the area of pediatric hearing screening and early intervention. Saks is an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in hearing care. He is focused primarily on Audiology Systems’ screening initiatives for the Northeast region, with particular focus and expertise in otoacoustic emmissions (OAE). Winston-Gerson and Sabo are recognized key opinion leaders in the field of infant hearing screening. They join Audiology Systems as hearing screening program managers, and will leverage their deep screening experience to craft education and training initiatives, as well as product transition programs.

Source: Audiology Systems