Phonak US is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Wassell as Director of Marketing for Lyric. In her new role, Wassell is responsible for expanding the Lyric business through a variety of marketing and business development initiatives designed to help hearing care professionals grow their practice. This includes increased education and training, additional marketing support, and improved partnerships with new and current Certified Lyric Providers to better communicate the benefits of having Lyric in their portfolio.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Kelly’s caliber leading the Marketing efforts for Lyric,” said Barb VanSomeren, Vice President of Marketing, Phonak US. “Kelly brings a proven track record of success in several Phonak businesses, including the VA and Pediatrics.  She also brings a passion for working with customers and the dedication needed to keep the Lyric business strong and expanding further.”

Among Wassell’s priorities are to further increase the confidence level of professionals who fit Lyric3, which was launched in March of 2017. The Lyric3 features two additional sizes—XXS and XXL—so it now accommodates more ear canals than before.

Wassell joined Phonak in 1998 as a territory manager, working successfully in both adult commercial and pediatric products. Most recently she served as Senior Pediatric Business Development Manager for Phonak in Switzerland. Wassell received her Bachelor’s degree in Habilitation of the Deaf from Texas Christian University and also has a Master’s degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences from Washington University.

Source: Phonak