Audiology Systems, Schaumburg, Ill, has announced that it will now be the US distributor for the Sentiero line of audiology devices by PATH Medical Solutions. PATH is a Germany-based developer and manufacturer of audiology instruments for screening and diagnostics. According to the announcement from Audiology Systems, the audiology devices developed by PATH are available as handheld or desktop versions, and are designed to be portable and lightweight.

“We are pleased to have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Audiology Systems to distribute and promote PATH Medical Solutions in the United States. Our products fit well within the Audiology Systems portfolio,” said Patricia Tedesco, international sales manager for the Americas at PATH Medical Solutions.

A Sentiero product feature highlighted in the Audiology Systems announcement was the customizable, modular configuration available with each device in order to provide maximum flexibility for the user. All Sentiero devices are reported to include a large 1000-test database with Windows-compatibility through the MIRA PC software program, and an intuitive user interface with a touchscreen. The Sentiero Desktop integrates an audiometer, OAE, and tympanometer – with flexible and configurable tympanometry and acoustic reflex options.

“Our strategic partnership with PATH Medical Solutions gives us yet another opportunity to help our customers by making versatile OAE solutions available to hearing care professionals in the United States,” said David Adlin, hearing screening product manager at Audiology Systems.

To learn more about the Sentiero handheld devices being distributed in the US, visit the Audiology Systems website.

Source: Audiology Systems