Otometrics (Natus Medical Denmark A/S – formerly GN Otometrics A/S), a global manufacturer of audiology instrumentation and software solutions, announced the introduction of the next generation Bio-logic® solutions. Developed in cooperation with technology partner Germany-based PATH MEDICAL, Otometrics delivers four modular solutions that are integrated with the Otometrics product family. Otometrics will highlight the new Bio-logic products at AAA 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee from April 18-21, 2018.

Bio-logic Legacy Lives On

Bio-logic has been what the company says is “a trusted brand among professionals for easy-to-use and accurate hearing diagnostics and screening” since 1979. Natus Medical Incorporated acquired Bio-logic in 2006 and today Otometrics is reintroducing this legacy brand as part of its global portfolio.

“Bio-logic is a well-loved brand with a proud legacy of providing reliable testing,” said Mona Dworsack, AuD, global director of product management, hearing assessment, and screening.

She adds, “Today, our innovation is inspired by the professional’s workflow. Our next-generation Bio-logic products offer a range of test combinations in a single device—so it’s easy to adapt to changing patient needs.”

Bio-logic diagnostic solutions are said to be well-suited for audiologists who need space-saving devices that are efficient and flexible. Powered by advanced modular technology, the next generation Bio-logic is designed to allow screeners to choose a test combination to suit the needs of their clinic.

Experience the Next Generation Bio-logic at AAA 2018

Four new Bio-logic products will be on display at AAA 2018, Booth #621. The products are available for sale in select countries at the conclusion of the conference.

David Adlin, sales manager, pediatric products for Otometrics North America said, “Our newest combination solutions are PC-independent, hand-held, and transportable. They allow our customers to meet their patients where they are, whether in the clinic, or in remote locations. Because these products cover a broad range of needs for providers working in various settings, we offer our customers the power of choice—to personalize and customize the device to match their workflow.”

Existing Bio-logic users and Otometrics customers are encouraged to contact their local Otometrics/Audiology Systems representatives to start customizing their next generation Bio-logic solution.

For more information about the next generation Bio-logic, contact your local Otometrics/Audiology Systems distributor, or visit: www.otometrics.com/biologic.

Source: Otometrics

Image: Otometrics