NEXT audiometerBenson Medical Instruments Co, Minneapolis, Minn, announced that it was awarded a contract by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCOM) to provide NEXT audiometers to all Military Entrance Processing Sites for applicant hearing tests. MEPCOM’s mission is to evaluate applicants’ eligibility for service for all branches of the US military through aptitude, physical, and psychological screenings.

The NEXT audiometer is part of a product line that can be configured to meet OSHA, MSHA, and military requirements. According to Benson Medical, MEPCOM ran a pilot program at two sites over several years to evaluate the long-term use of NEXT audiometers in screening operations. The NEXT audiometer reportedly features user-friendly touchscreen operation and calculation of MEPCOM hearing profile categories.

MEPCOM assessed the reliability and accuracy of the NEXT audiometers, as well as their capability to streamline data management and foster agency teamwork, says Benson Medical. After successful completion of the pilot program, Benson Medical was awarded the contract to replace all audiometers within MEPCOM, as well as extra units to facilitate annual calibration rotation. Over the next six months, NEXT audiometers will replace aging audiometers that have reliability and maintenance issues at 65 entrance processing locations.

Benson Medical Instruments reports that it has a long history of supporting the critical readiness requirements of the US Armed Forces. In addition to providing reliable equipment, the company furnishes the technical support that the US Military requires. The US Army, Navy, and Air Force use Benson Medical’s CCA-200mini audiometers exclusively for hearing conservation testing.

“MEPCOM requires state-of-the-art audiometers, and also a partner with a strong commitment to reliability and service,” said David Mayou, sales manager of Benson Medical Instruments. “The agency’s decision to place its trust in Benson Medical Instruments as a single supplier to all its locations ensures consistent results and analysis to meet MEPCOM’s mission. We are proud to support MEPCOM’s mission throughout the Department of Defense.”

Source: Benson Medical Instruments Co