Chicago – Bernafon has introduced the new Chronos line at AAA 2011. The company reports that Chronos is the first high-performance ChannelFree hearing system equipped with its Audio Efficiency technology, designed for improved speech understanding and listening comfort.

Chronos is based on ChannelFree, Bernafon’s exclusive high-resolution signal processing. Combined with new adaptive features, ChannelFree provides excellent sound quality and listening comfort in Chronos’ three price and performance categories and hearing system families. The technology is included in all of the line’s CICs and Nano BTE, as well its Compact Power Plus BTE.

The Audio Efficiency proprietary technology reportedly eliminates the trade-off between speech understanding and listening comfort. By eliminating all unwanted parts of a signal, it ensures that only the important information is amplified.

Other new and improved signal filtering features in Chronos include:

  • True Directionality imitates the manner in which low- and high-frequency sounds are propagated through the auditory system, thereby sound localization is improved.
  • Transient Noise Reduction identifies and suppresses transient noise as it surfaces, yet critical speech cues are preserved.
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller Plus continuously measures all signals for oscillations and immediately suppresses identified feedback paths with high-speed Phase Cancellation.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity to external audio sources such as television, mobile phones, computers, and landline telephones is delivered by SoundGate, the easy-to-use interface between Chronos 9 | 7 | 5 and Bluetooth-enabled audio sources.

SOURCE: Bernafon