Chicago — Sona has introduced "sona: vogue," a new line of upgradeable hearing aids. The line includes a new RIC, a micro BTE, and an ITE model.

All products are optimized for same day fitting and can cover hearing losses up to 90 dB HL, as well as being compatible with the company’s KeyPilot remote control for changing sound profiles.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the sona:vogue line is "flex:performance." Each aid can be configured to offer three different performance/price levels. Consequently, clients can start with the lowest applicable level and then eventually come back to upgrade to higher levels by simply paying the difference in price. The dispenser can upgrade the aid in a matter of minutes and there’s no need to reprogram, because the fitting parameters are retained.

Additionally, dispensers are provided aids on hand and do not have to pay for any unit until clients make a purchase. When the aid and performance are registered online, Sona automatically sends a new aid to replace inventory.

SOURCE: Sona AAA Presentation