Kitchener, Canada – Unitron released the Era at AAA, the company’s next generation sound processing platform. Era will power Unitron’s new Quantum and Moxi products, scheduled to be released in late spring 2011.

Designed by Unitron’s parent company Sonova, the Era platform offers double the processing speed over previous platforms, enabling high-resolution sensors for precise analysis of complex sound environments and higher capacity and memory for more natural sound quality. A smaller computer chip also offers smaller instruments while maintaining extensive computational capability.

The Era platform will include four new features that will be included in Unitron’s upcoming high-fidelity Quantum and Moxi product families:

  • SmartFocus, an automatic technology that custom blends the hearing instruments’ response based on high-resolution sensing and precise classification of the complex sound environment.
  • Pinna Effect, a microphone design that uniquely corrects for the location of the hearing instrument microphones in ITEs and BTEs.
  • Natural Sound Balance, a part of Unitron’s open-fit strategy, continuously monitors the combination of unamplified and amplified sounds entering the ear canal and makes precise adaptive adjustments to preserve one clear, balanced signal.
  • Wireless capabilities, offering a fast and stable wireless connection to various devices and for programming.

Quantum and Moxi will be released with Unitron’s new TrueFit fitting software.

SOURCE: Unitron