For some, as you hold this issue in your hands, it might feel like deja vu all over again. It may seem like just yesterday when the dimensions of Hearing Review Products were reduced from its long-standing tabloid size to that of a standard magazine — and in a way, it was just yesterday. We debuted the new look in January of last year, as one part of a plan put in place to create a stronger partnership with our big-sister publication The Hearing Review.

Some welcomed the change believing it would strengthen this magazine. Some weren’t as enthusiastic. And guess what? If you don’t mind me being frank here, I was in the latter camp. I understood the rationale behind having greater synergy between the magazines, but I thought piggy-backing HRP on HR had the potential to do more harm than good. But like a good soldier, I was given my orders and I marched forward with them.

A year later, my feet may be a little weary and HRP may have lost some weight, but there’s a spring back in both our steps because editorially we’re as strong as ever, and the folks who tell me how high to jump have recognized the value and importance in having Hearing Review Products stand largely on its own. And one way we’re doing that is by growing the magazine. Literally and figuratively. So welcome to the new old Hearing Review Products. It’s great to have her back.

Will Campbell
[email protected]