May 7, 2008

CareCredit, which offers a leading patient payment program, announces they have developed a Website Tool Kit to help its enrolled practices attract more patients by promoting financing options on their websites.

The company reports the Website Tool Kit has been proven to help practices attract more patients by removing cost as a barrier to better hearing health. Practices can also use the Tool Kit to set up a direct link to the CareCredit website, which reportedly has 700,000 unique visitors each month. By linking to CareCredit, practices can gain a better search ranking and help potential patients find them faster, according to the company.

CareCredit describes the new offering as simple and easy to use, and adds that the Website Tool Kit includes "No Interest" banners and buttons a practice can place on its own Web site as a promotional offer to motivate patients to schedule appointments immediately. Practices can use the sample Web site pages and sample Web site copy included in the kit, which the company says are designed to create a financial policy section online to let patients know how easy it is to fit hearing aid technology into lifestyle and budget.

A direct link to the CareCredit patient application and payment calculator is designed to allow patients to apply and get approved for financing prior to their appointment. CareCredit also reports that a Doctor Provider Locator is designed to allow practices to attract even more patients. The Doctor Provider Locator is designed to refer 250,000 new patients to CareCredit practice partners every month.

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Source: CareCredit