“Audiologist” was ranked as #8 in the least-stressful job list of 2016 among 200 jobs tracked by CareerCast.com, a career guidance website. The site gives Audiologist a “job rated stress score” of 9.30 (on a scale of 1-85), and reports that the median annual income for audiologists is $73,060, and the growth outlook for this career is 29%.

While this year’s job ranking article didn’t include detailed explanations regarding the nature of the job or how each specific job earned its stress ranking, the description of the audiologist role as described in previous years stated that “The job is not typically physically demanding or stressful, but it does require a keen attention to detail and focused concentration.” Given that in previous years Audiologist held the #1 position for “least stressful job,” it would have been helpful to see more information explaining why the ranking has moved down seven places in the list. The good news is that Audiologist continues to place in the top 10.

Although detailed explanations outlining each job and its particular stressors are absent, the article does explain that the ranking system for job stress compares 11 different factors that can reasonably be expected to cause stress, including travel required; growth potential; deadlines; working in the public eye; competition in the field; physical demands; environmental conditions; hazards encountered on a regular basis; own life at risk; life of others at risk; and meeting or interacting with the public at large.

Based on this list of factors, the 10 least-stressful jobs for 2016, as rated by CareerCast, are:

1) Information Security Analyst (job rated stress score: 3.80)
2) Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (4.00)
3) University Professor, tenured (6.94)
4) Hair Stylist (7.47)
5) Medical Records Technician (7.55)
6) Medical Laboratory Technician (8.98)
7) Jeweler (9.10)
8) Audiologist (9.30)
9) Dietition (10.23)
10) Librarian (10.58)

For comparison with those same stress factors in mind, here are the 10 most-stressful jobs for 2016, as rated by CareerCast:

1) Enlisted Military Personnel (job rated stress score: 84.78)
2) Firefighter (60.59)
3) Airline Pilot (60.46)
4) Police Office (53.82)
5) Event Coordinator (49.93)
6) Public Relations Executive (48.46)
7) Senior Corporate Executive (47.46)
8) Broadcaster (47.30)
9) Newspaper Reporter (46.76)
10) Taxi Driver (46.33)

To see the complete slideshow listing of least stressful jobs, visit the CareerCast website.

Source: CareerCast

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