The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) announced the launch of the 2018 Walk4Hearing program. With events scheduled in 18 cities across the country, Walk4Hearing raises awareness of hearing loss and provides strategies and information on topics such as hearing loss prevention, the importance of getting your hearing screened, treatment of hearing loss, and maintaining good hearing health.

Since 2006, the HLAA Walk4Hearing is said to have raised in excess of $13 million, according to HLAA, and welcomed more than 90,000 walkers, making it the nation’s “largest and fastest-growing” program of its kind in the country for people with hearing loss, according to the educational and advocacy organization. Funds raised are said to support both local and national programs and services for people with hearing loss, including installation of hearing assistive technology in public places, local financial assistance programs for hearing aids and other assistive devices for those who can’t afford them, providing captioning at HLAA Chapter meetings to make them more accessible, and advocacy efforts on federal and state levels.

The theme for the 2018 Walk4Hearing is the importance of getting your hearing screened. Untreated hearing loss affects overall health in negative ways. People with hearing loss face an increased risk of falls, isolation, anxiety, depression, and, more recently, a link has been found between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline. Let us know you are taking charge of your hearing health by using #screenURhearing on Twitter and other social media posts.

“Whether you have a hearing loss, are a friend or family member of someone with hearing loss, or you just want some help hearing in a noisy world, the Walk4Hearing offers something for you,” said HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley. “By participating in the Walk4Hearing you will meet others who are just like you, share stories about life with a hearing loss, make new friends, and reunite with old ones.”

The Walks are also an opportunity to get information from the many companies and organizations that support people with hearing loss. Representatives from both local and national Walk4Hearing sponsors are always on hand to discuss how they can help you live a better life with hearing loss.

Walk4Hearing sponsors are integral to the success of the program. Their involvement typically consists of much more than financial support. Many companies form their own teams who take part in the Walk and also have volunteers show up to assist with many Walk logistics. Along with local sponsors, several organizations support the Walk4Hearing on a national level. HLAA would like to recognize and thank the following companies that have stepped up as the 2018 national Walk4Hearing sponsors:

Premier Sponsor
CapTel Captioned Telephone

Platinum Sponsor

Silver Sponsors
Advanced Bionics
Cochlear Americas
Hamilton CapTel
hi HealthInnovations

When you leave at the end of a Walk4Hearing event you will feel empowered and inspired, and you will have learned that you are not alone; that you can live better with hearing loss!

For more information and to find and register for a Walk4Hearing near you (it’s free and easy!) visit the website here.

Source: HLAA

Image: HLAA