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APSO Publishes Standard for Hearing Aid Fitting

Audiology Practice Standards Organization (APSO) announced that it has published a formal standard of practice for fitting hearing aids to adult patients. The standard is based on common clinical practices of audiologists across the US, as well as research into the practices that achieve expected outcomes with hearing aids, according to the announcement.

The Need for Standards in Audiology

In creating and adopting standards of practice for audiology, we provide a shield for ourselves and our patients that will demonstrate the high level of care audiologists are capable of providing, improve confidence in audiology care, deter others from infringing on the audiology scope of practice, and protect each other from legal threats which may arise in the future.

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Evaluating Select Personal Sound Amplifiers and a Consumer-Decision Model for OTC Amplification

OTC hearing devices are coming, but how should they function and for whom should they be recommended? Drs Ron Leavitt, Ruth Bentler, and Carol Flexer present six case studies showing that people with true moderate hearing loss may not be well served by what has been characterized as a “consumer-decides” model of care.

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New Study Shows 4 in 5 Patients Prefer Hearing Aid Fittings with REM

Valente et al found that 79% of the study participants preferred the programmed fittings using REM versus the first-fit. They conclude that “Using a first-fit alone without reprogramming using REM is fitting hearing aids blindly and not determining whether the patient is being provided appropriate audibility for soft and average speech…The audiologist or hearing aid dispenser can never be certain if he/she is appropriately fitting the patient without using REM.”

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OTC and AAA, ADA, IHS, and ASHA: Now That We’re All on the Same Page…

It’s time to clearly distinguish professional service from self-service by showing why licensed hearing care professionals can make a huge difference in hearing aid outcomes. Let’s commit to getting consumers a list of essentials by creating a voluntary standard protocol for every licensed professional who dispenses hearing aids. Let’s spell out what consumers should expect. And then let’s promote the hell out of it.

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