Widex USA, Inc announced the launch of #KeepMakingWaves, a campaign said to be designed to shine a spotlight on the stories and successes of independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals and their patients.

“Widex understands that the independent Hearing Healthcare Professional is the true hero of every better hearing story,” said Michael Tease, senior vice president of marketing, Widex USA. “Every day, our audiologists, partners, and customers make waves of positive benefits for their patients by delivering superior hearing care and technology. These waves—heightened confidence, happiness, memories, and more—ripple through the family and friends of each patient.”

By participating in #KeepMakingWaves, patients and prospects can read stories of success. According to Widex, they can get insight into best practices, things to ask their doctor or clinician, and, overall, how to play a better role in their own hearing health. Widex’s announcement goes on to say that participation also helps give the independent Hearing Healthcare Professional the opportunity to share their passion for helping people, as well as the ability to increase their social engagement with patients and prospects in a positive forum.

To make a wave, simply click the “Submit Your Story” button on the WidexWaves.com homepage and complete a short form. Hearing Healthcare Professionals can personalize their pages with their practice logo, photos of the team, and contact information. Stories from the Widex Waves page can also be shared on their own independent social media channels.

As an added benefit, each quarter Widex will award the Hearing Healthcare Professional with the most submissions with a VIP Marketing Package to help them further expand their brand in the market.

“We encourage all of our colleagues in the hearing care community to come together to make #KeepMakingWaves a positive social movement,” said Tease. “A place where those with hearing loss can go to get information, overcome their fears and the stigma of hearing loss, and see how improving their hearing with today’s technology can improve their quality of life.”

Source: Widex

Image: Widex