Clear Digital Media (CDM) announced a new collaboration between Best Practice Pro (BPP) and CDM. CDM has launched a “custom-curated TV program for BPP Network members to educate patients on the importance of Best Practice care.” These custom-curated videos feature Dr Cliff, AuD, who speaks directly to patients on a wide variety of Best Practice topics. According to CDM, this not only does this help patients “better understand the value that YOU provide, but it also helps new patients TRUST you more!” The Best Practice Pro video channel from CDM is only for Best Practice Pro Members.

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As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and patients start filling up empty waiting rooms again, healthcare providers are once again presented with a unique opportunity to educate them on the importance of the professional services provided. Just like there are Best Practices when it comes to patient care, there are also Best Practices when it comes to making the waiting room experience enjoyable and educational for a patient, according to CDM’s announcement. Instead of distracting patients from their boredom by reading last month’s Homes & Garden Magazine, CDM suggests, why not take this opportunity to educate patients with video content about the importance of Best Practice audiologic care?

According to CDM, studies have identified that “video content is more effective than any other form of media.” Not only is it “more entertaining, it also conveys a massive amount of information in a shorter amount of time.” This helps create a “unique opportunity for your patients to become better informed about the value YOU provide and why YOU are a critical component to their long-term success with hearing treatment.”

“We are thrilled to provide a custom program for the Best Practice Pro Network,” said Michele Ahlman, CDM CEO. “Cliff Olson is such a positive influencer in hearing care, committed to absolute Best Practices serving the needs of people with hearing loss.”

“I am always looking for unique ways to convey the value of Best Practice audiologic care to patients, and CDM is the perfect way to get my video content in front of more people,” said Olson.

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