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Evaluating Apple AirPods Pro with Headphone Accommodations as Hearing Devices

Researchers from NAL provide objective measures that characterize the acoustic performance of AirPods Pro headphones. The results suggest that, while differences to traditional hearing aids exist, the device's Headphone Accommodations provide amplification to help people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss hear sounds more easily and allow them to experience the benefits of amplification.

Clinical Speech Audiometry in the Age of the AERP

True listening involves more than just repeating words. Might there be useful ways to think about quantifying listening effort by taking advantage of a considerable body of research on the auditory event-related potential (AERP)? In this article, Dr James Jerger explores two different ways to think about clinical speech audiometry relative to assessing total listening effort: 1) Altering the task from repetition to decision, and 2) Evaluating the response evoked by the decision via an AERP paradigm.

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