OtoPad and OtoKiosk are reportedly the first iPad-based audiometers that are Noah Certified, Otohub announced.

It is now possible to import/export data from/to your Noah, directly from the iPad, which will help seamlessly sync your Otohub products with your Noah database, according to Otohub. You’ll just need an Internet connection and the latest version of Noah.

You can import and export:

  • Patient Data;
  • Audiograms and Speech Test Results

According to Otohub Executive Director R&D, Gianna Lardaro,“Our customers are going to rely on this unique feature. Being able to perform diagnostic tests, wherever they are, with just an iPad, and with one-button export data to Noah is a huge step forward. Noah Certification is just one of several features which make our products unique: we have some other very important new features in our product pipeline. This is a very exciting time for Otohub and for audiology.”

Source: Otohub

Image: Otohub