Oticon Medical has launched a new Facebook page designed to help people with bone anchored hearing solutions and their families to share experiences and talk to other users in an open and friendly Oticon Medical Facebook forum where other bone anchored users are already present.

“Facebook is a familiar, user-friendly forum that allows people to easily engage, tell their stories, voice opinions or simply connect with like-minded others,” says Oticon Medical general manager Jes Olsen. “With the new Oticon Medical Facebook page, we aim to facilitate that engagement and provide equally easy access to new information and resources on bone anchored hearing treatment and solutions.”

The Oticon Medical Facebook page gives people an additional source of information on Oticon Medical and the Ponto System, facilitating dialogue and encouraging existing users, potential candidates, or other interested individuals to share their stories or ask questions directly on the Facebook page.

Additionally, the page contains information on the bone anchored treatment in general and on patient indications, as well as guidelines on how to proceed to obtain a trial.

SOURCE: Oticon Medical