Occupational health practitioners can now integrate standalone audiometers and the new, cloud-based audiometric data management system SmartMove Cloud, using Smart Diagnostic Devices’ online store here, the Minneapolis, Minn-based medical supply company announced.

Smart Diagnostic Devices’ products are designed for smaller occupational hearing testing programs. Occupational health professionals can select complete packages with SMART TONE audiometer, D-check bio acoustic simulator, printer, paper, and access to SmartMove Cloud. The SmartMove Cloud service that comes with the complete packages is at no extra cost. SMART TONE accessories and supplies are also offered online.

Site visitors can purchase SmartMove Cloud or SmartMove Cloud Premium depending on their needs for audiogram storage, reporting, and analysis. Those with SmartMove Cloud can upgrade to SmartMove Cloud Premium, and those with SmartMove Cloud Premium can add audiogram storage capacity and additional users.

“The Smart Diagnostic Devices manufactures both occupational hearing testing equipment and related cloud services,” said Jim Teter, Smart Diagnostic Devices’ sales manager. “The online store simplifies how occupational health practitioners choose an OSHA-compliant testing system, as well as stay up-to-date with new cloud technology.”

SmartMove Cloud allows access to audiometric data using an internet connection. Password-secure audiogram and test subject data are stored securely in a HIPAA-compliant system.

Source: Smart Diagnostic Devices