Hearing Loop Systems, Grand Rapids, Mich, reports on what may be North America’s biggest hearing loop installation–all 14,759 seats of Michigan State University’s Jack Breslin Student Events Center, East Lansing, Mich–an arena for one of the country’s premier college basketball programs, and also the site of other major events and concerts.

With venues ranging from the looping of single heads (via neck loops) to ticket windows, subway booths, home TV rooms, worship places, auditoriums, convention centers, airports, and now to a huge arena, the company has a complete range of facilities for which hearing assistance can be made hearing aid compatible (and user-friendly, without need for extra

Among the flurry of recent news articles and broadcasts on hearing loops is an NPR Science Friday segment that features Ira Flatow interviewing Dave Myers (click here to access it), a front page article in the Chicago Tribune, and in other specialized media, and a September Redbook article on hearing loop advocate Janice Schacter. A short AARP Web article has been reworked and will soon be going to 24 million homes in the September AARP Bulletin.

Check out HRs recent online news post on this topic.

Hearing Loop Systems was founded in 2008 by a contracting company with 30-plus years of experience installing audio-video systems in facilities large and small. To address the growing interest in loop systems, Hearing Loop Systems is developing a network of certified installation companies nationwide, and working with audiologists, architects, and nonprofit groups to further the development of looped communities.

[Source: David Myers]