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Steering Into the Winds of Change, Part 2: Three Ways to Attract and Retain More Clients

It is not easy to bring patients into the clinic these days. So when a patient does walk through the door of your office, you want to give them an exceptional customer experience. Establishing trust, making the necessary tweaks to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction (delight) at every step, and laying the groundwork for future patient advocacy creates long-term value with your patient, and long-term dividends for your business.

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Steering into the Winds of Change, Part 1

Within the four walls of the clinic you have an opportunity to create impact and gain sustained competitive advantage. After all, your most effective marketing tool–the patient–is right in front of you every day. Nothing is more powerful than patient advocacy. When a client calls your clinic, what experience is that person going to have? Steve Eagon says you are in a position to influence the patient experience and the outcome.

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Right Product; Right Message: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Interacting with Patients

This article is a micro-level analysis of how hearing care professionals can help patients deconstruct their hearing loss and reprogram “wrong messages.” To the extent that a person with hearing loss has internalized negative social norms, a “traditional” audiology or hearing care visit is likely to trigger shame-based self-evaluative cognitions. For example, “I didn’t study properly for the hearing test, therefore I’m unworthy.”

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