A new e-learning course from Ida Institute, Nærum, Denmark, is designed to give hearing care professionals and students a practical and inspiring introduction to the fundamentals of patient centered care in audiology—in just 60 minutes.

The Ida Basics Course features a variety of engaging, educational components including:

  • Interactive exercises of real-life clinical dilemmas;
  • A video of a clinical appointment, and
  • Short quizzes to assess understanding.

Course work encourages reflection on the clinician’s approach to patient care, and suggests concepts and methods for improving current practices to provide more patient-centered care.  The streamlined e-learning course focuses on the benefits of patient-centered care for both clinicians and patients.

“The Ida Basics Course is a time-efficient educational investment that will pay off in long-lasting benefits for patients and clinicians,” says Ida Institute Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “Time pressures are a reality for hearing care professionals around the world. This free e-learning course offers valuable and actionable knowledge in a format that can fit within a busy clinician’s day. It is fantastic way to get a quick overview of patient-centered care and better understand its value to patients and families.”

According to the Institute, the Ida Basics Course can be completed in one 60-minute session or broken into smaller sessions and completed as time is available. To obtain continuing education credits for the course, hearing care professionals complete a multiple-choice test to check their understanding of the course content.  The course is accredited for continuing education credits by a number of leading educational institutions, including the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), the British Academy of Audiology (BAA), the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS), and the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud).

The Ida Basics Course is another of Ida Institute’s freely shared resources and is available on the Ida website at: www.idainstitute.com/ida_basics/