Spiral Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing therapies for inner ear disorders, announced a strategic partnership with the Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) to improve the lives of patients suffering from balance disorders like Meniere’s Disease.

The partnership will conduct targeted outreach, collaborative patient education programs, and data-driven research, according to the companies.

“Joining forces with VeDA is a significant milestone for Spiral, as it aligns with our commitment to address the unmet medical needs in the field of inner ear disorders,” says Hugo Peris, CEO of Spiral Therapeutics. “We’re honored to support VeDA’s mission and excited about the opportunity to significantly improve patient lives.”

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This collaboration grants Spiral access to VeDA’s Patient Registry on Meniere’s patients, enriching its ongoing research efforts. Additionally, the Vestibular Disorders Association will facilitate targeted outreach to Meniere’s clinicians and patients in the United States and Australia. Both organizations will also collaborate on educational programs to further patient understanding of treatment nuances such as the placebo effect.

“VeDA is honored to partner with Spiral in our mutual effort to support Meniere’s patients on their journey back to balance,” says Cynthia Ryan, executive director of VeDA. “We’re excited about the potential their new treatment offers to improve the lives of people struggling with vertigo, hearing loss, and tinnitus.”