I-Portal rotary chairAudiology Systems, a US distributor of GN Otometrics products and other leading audiology and vestibular equipment, has announced the addition of the I-Portal® rotary chair by Neuro Kinetics Inc (NKI) to its product portfolio.

According to Audiology Systems, by partnering with manufacturers like NKI, the company aims to offer audiologists and hearing care professionals more solutions to meet their vestibular testing needs.

NKI manufactures eye tracking technology and non-invasive neurootologic diagnostic testing solutions. The company develops comprehensive neurootologic diagnostic tools for audiologists, ENTs, neurootologists, neuroophthalmologists, and neurologists around the globe. The I-Portal rotary chair from NKI is known for its durability, precision, and patient reliability. NKI reports that its patented, durable rotational motor provides smooth, comfortable motion profiles for patients up to 400 lbs.

Both NKI and Audiology Systems note that they are committed to making products available that help improve patient outcomes by helping clinicians non-invasively detect conditions early, accurately, and cost effectively.

More information about the I-Portal® rotary chair is available from Audiology Systems

Source: Audiology Systems; NKI