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Competing in the New Era of Hearing Healthcare, Part 3: Differentiating the Practice with Product and Technology

Adding value to the patient experience requires change. The use of innovative products and technologies in a hearing healthcare practice is essential for survival—and it is expected by patients. Why send patients to the internet or electronic stores for products that can be offered in the practice and increase the patient experience? Why not use technology to improve practice procedures and efficiency?

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IntriCon Provides Insights into OTC Hearing Aid Market; Experiences Some Headwinds in Q2 2019

The company is bullish on the prospects of the upcoming OTC hearing device regulations from FDA, which it anticipates being issued this November and implemented in mid-2020. In his comments to investors, IntriCon CEO Mark Gorder was also optimistic that the new OTC hearing device regulations would be more liberal relative to the amount of allowable gain and for whom the devices might be intended.

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NationsHearing Unveils New Hearing Technology at CES 2019

In addition to providing hearing aids from most of the major hearing aid manufacturers, NationsHearing is announcing that they are the exclusive provider of all products designed, developed, and manufactured by Olive Union, a manufacturer of next-generation hearing aids and hearables that use smart-sound algorithms and Bluetooth technology.

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Biosensors in Hearing Aids: Technology to Enable Daily Healthcare through Hearables

Biometric sensors will change what hearing aids and amplification devices do and how consumers think about them, says Kow Ping, founder and director of Well Being Digital (WBD101) which has developed a heart-rate and fitness sensor system. He provides his perspective on his industry’s race to appeal to consumers with normal-to-moderate hearing loss, and how amplification and biosensor devices will be merging.

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