Though much of the discussion related to hearables has centered around over-the-counter devices designed to help improve hearing or to make connecting to other wireless devices like smartphones easy and convenient, they could also be game-changing in an educational setting, says Rory McGreal, author of an article in The Conversation and an “expert in educational technology.”

Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), McGreal envisions hearables having the ability to sense a user’s knowledge or skill level and adjusting a lesson accordingly, for example, when learning a new language or a piece of music. He also cites the ease of being able to record and replay content for enhanced comprehension, as well the ability to translate content into other languages.

He even envisions hearables as a tool in professional settings, where workers could be more hands-on without being reliant on a screen or tablet. More importantly, he views the devices positively in their ability to potentially “destigmatize” the appearance and feel of hearing aids, and with increased use among the population, could be a more common sight.

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Source: The Conversation