On July 9-10, 2019, VARTA Microbattery announced it will be presenting its range of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for wearables and hearables at the Wearable Technologies Conference at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, which is being organized as part of the SEMICON West event.
The provision of energy in a tiny space is playing a growing role in an increasing number of aspects of modern mobility and health, according to VARTA.

From hearables and step counters in shoes to fitness trackers with data measurements, these devices are “only as good as their energy supply,” according to the company; users increasingly expect their devices to be “reliable and durable.”

VARTA’s CoinPower button cells are used to power wearables, due to their “small size, high-energy density, and mechanical stability,” the company says. The smallest models, the CP 7840 and CP 9440, are 4 mm thick and have been developed with headphones, fitness wristbands, and smart keys in mind. However, they are also being increasingly used in medical equipment, according to VARTA.

Miniaturization is making constant progress, as Philipp Miehlich, general manager OEM at VARTA Microbattery GmbH, explains: “In this segment, we have developed unique competitive advantages and are benefiting from the shift in technology away from cylindrical battery cells to coin format batteries. We have been supporting this change in technology for wireless headphones with our leading technology, and are setting the standards in the industry in this area with our stream of new innovations.”

The CoinPower series will be produced using fully automated processes in Ellwangen, Germany.

A video just recently produced by VARTA Microbattery tells you all you need to know about the wide range of uses of the CoinPower series here.

Source: VARTA Microbattery

Image: VARTA Microbattery