Bragi—a Germany-based technology company that created the Dash wireless earbuds—has sold its product business, according to a recent article in Wareable.  The sale, which took place in March, was to an unnamed “third-party buyer,” Wareable reported, who will continue supporting devices already purchased through existing channels.

Wareable reports that though the company plans to continue licensing its IP and AI, it will no longer be manufacturing new devices.

According to a statement from Bragi’s CEO Nikolaj Hviid, as quoted in the Wareable article, “Bragi’s technology suite is applied beyond our own products to partners and headphone brands. The Dash Pro featured groundbreaking, ultra-efficient AI and software that could be updated with new features such as Amazon Alexa, language translation, and personalized hearing. With the sale of our product business, Bragi has completed its transformation into a software, AI, and IP licensing company.”

Tech Crunch notes that companies like Apple, Samsung, Bose, and Jabra make up a significant portion of the competitive hearables market, with 2018 statistics from Counterpoint Research quoted in the article estimating Apple’s global market share at around 60%.

Hearing Review has previously reported on Starkey Technologies’ partnership with Bragi on a hearable device with sensing parameters.

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Source: Wareable, Tech Crunch