USound, the Austrian micro-speaker company known for its MEMS audio solutions, announced it has partnered with the European distributor Colsan Audio Ltd to “revolutionize the hearing aid market,” effective March 2021.

With the release of the second generation of MEMS speakers, USound’s technology is said to be “awakening big players’ interest in hearables and the hearing aid market.” There is, what the company says is, “an increasing demand for smart hearing aids with embedded technology, including AI, sensors for fall detection, fitness tracker, and others, requires a smaller speaker with lower power consumption that enables the space needed to embed those additional components without compromising the battery duration or the audio quality.”

“The partnership with Colsan Audio brings us closer to the leading hearing aid manufacturers who want to bring their high-tech products to the next level with our MEMS speakers,” said Paul Kutschera, VP of Sales, USound. “Colsan Audio’s strong commitment is due to USound’s MEMS’ technology’s impact on the miniaturization and simplification of the audio module in consumer electronics.”

“Understanding the complexity in the design of hearing aid devices is where Colsan Audio excels,” said Colin Bigland, Founder and Owner of Colsan Audio. “We believe that migrating to USound technology will not only enhance the performance of hearing aid devices but will significantly reduce manufacturing costs through the use of this revolutionary MEMS technology.”

In 2020, USound released the second generation of its MEMs speakers, which are IPx8 rated and “the thinnest speaker in a round form factor,” according to the company. USound also recently launched its B2C brand Fauna, marketing MEMS speaker-based audio glasses to end customers.

USound’s speakers’ “vivid audio quality create an immersive sound experience for audiophiles.”

Source: USound

Images: USound