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Patients with Untreated Hearing Loss May Incur Higher Total Health Care Costs

Compared to the patients without hearing loss, patients with the condition generated nearly 26% more in total health care costs within two years, a gap that widened to 46% by 10 years, amounting to $22,434 per individual ($20,403 incurred by the health plan, $2,030 by the individual in out-of-pocket costs).

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Webinar: Hearing Loss and Associated Comorbidities: What Do We Know?

Many recent studies have linked hearing loss to disabling conditions, such as cognitive decline, depression, diabetes, falls, heart disease, and many more. This webinar—presented by Harvey Abrams, PhD, and sponsored by Hamilton CapTel—reviews several of the most eye-opening of these studies and summarizes their findings so that hearing care professionals can use them for better patient counseling—as well as to help educate doctors and primary care physicians for more patient referrals.

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University Installs Balance Mobility Trainer to Reduce Risk of Falls

New balance mobility equipment on St. Augustine University’s Texas campus is the first to be easily accessible to patients in the Austin community who have balance problems from a stroke, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, or traumatic brain injury, as well as geriatric patients who are at risk for injury from falls.

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