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MarkeTrak 10: Hearing Aids in an Era of Disruption and DTC/OTC Devices

On the eve of major changes in the regulations governing the distribution of hearing aids in the United States, including the new upcoming class of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing devices, MT10 looks at consumers’ perceptions about hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs)—as well as their attitudes about OTC devices and do-it-yourself hearing care.

Hearing Test Uncovers Hidden Hearing Loss

Many adults report difficulties hearing in everyday situations despite having normal or near-normal hearing test results. Researchers have developed a hearing test that identifies hearing loss or deficits in individuals who are considered to have normal or near-normal hearing in traditional tests.

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Right Product; Right Message: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Interacting with Patients

This article is a micro-level analysis of how hearing care professionals can help patients deconstruct their hearing loss and reprogram “wrong messages.” To the extent that a person with hearing loss has internalized negative social norms, a “traditional” audiology or hearing care visit is likely to trigger shame-based self-evaluative cognitions. For example, “I didn’t study properly for the hearing test, therefore I’m unworthy.”

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