Global hearing care retailer, Audika (HearingLife), announced the worldwide launch of the International Campaign for Better Hearing. The Canadian initiative, first established in 2014, offers anyone over the age of 60 a free hearing test and makes hearing aids accessible to people who otherwise could not afford them. This global launch furthers the company’s mission to help more people hear better.

The goal of the International Campaign for Better Hearing and its sponsors is to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected with hearing loss by offering proper assessments through participating hearing care experts. The “Test your Ears at 60 Years” initiative created by HearingLife promotes the importance of all people above 60 receiving an annual hearing checkup.

“We are so pleased that an initiative first launched by HearingLife in Canada now has the opportunity to improve the lives of those with hearing loss, worldwide,” said Gino Chouinard, president of HearingLife. “To-date, we have provided more than 200 free hearing aids to Canadians across the country and the response has been overwhelming. You cannot underestimate the far-reaching impact of hearing loss on an individual’s life—being able to provide hearing aids to those in need is a win for everyone.”

HearingLife established the program’s model and for every free hearing test performed as part of the campaign, a donation of approximately $4 is made by participating clinics. With the funds raised, free hearing aids are provided to nominated clients as part of the giveback program in local communities.

Untreated hearing loss can have serious consequences with risk factors escalating substantially as the level of hearing loss increases. With early detection, the adverse effects of hearing loss can often be prevented, and the lives of both the individuals suffering from hearing loss and their loved ones can be significantly improved.

“Being part of William Demant Group, a global leader within the hearing aid industry, we have a responsibility to help more people hear better,” said Jillian Price, chief audiologist at HearingLife. “Hearing is an asset to your quality of life and hearing poorly is a significant liability. We need to get as many people as possible that have hearing difficulties treated with care and expertise. Delivering on our vision will help reduce associated health issues and contribute to creating a happier, healthier, and more inclusive society worldwide.”

From March 3rd 2018, the Campaign will be live in Australia, Canada, France, UK, Ireland, and Portugal.

Source: Audika/HearingLife