Miracle-Ear has just launched its newest hearing aid technology, the GENIUS 2.0 Technology with Speech Isolation, which is designed to highlight the most prominent speaker from all other unwanted speech and background noises in a variety of situations.


Miracle-Ear GENIUS RIC hearing aid.

According to Miracle-Ear, Speech Isolation uses a combination of features that automatically and seamlessly work together to monitor the environment and easily focus on conversations all around for a 360 degree experience. This technology adapts to environments and is said to provide the best sound quality for improved listening experience.

GENIUS 2.0 wirelessly combines input from both hearing aids in order to deliver a rich natural high-definition digital sound quality. Much like two ears working together, the features work in harmony to enhance speech, even in unique listening situations. This technology adapts to environments and effectively improves speech understanding in a variety of noisy settings.


Miracle-Ear GENIUS XT RIC hearing aid.

The new GENIUS 2.0 technology features include Music Master to maximize listening enjoyment of music in difficult-to-hear places and outdoors, and includes up to three unique situations that enrich music for a variety of preferences, whether listening or performing; Echo Guard to soften sounds that reflect off of hard surfaces such as ceilings and walls for a more pleasant listening experience; Wireless Windscreen to reduce wind noise automatically outdoors, in the presence of wind, and Phone Surround to transmit the signal from one hearing aid to both hearing aids automatically, resulting in reduced listening effort. For more information on the new GENIUS 2.0 Technology, visit the Miracle-Ear website.

A resource for hearing solutions for over 65 years, the Minnesota-based Miracle-Ear uses state-of-the-art technology to remove the barriers of hearing loss. The company specializes in customizable hearing solutions that feature discreet, comfortable products designed to meet each individual’s hearing loss needs. Hearing tests are available at many of the company’s over 1,300 franchised locations across the US.

Source: Miracle-Ear

Image credits: Miracle-Ear