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Senate Mulls “Build Back Better Act” and Coverage of Hearing Aids by Medicare

The $1.9 trillion Build Back Better Act was passed by the US House of Representatives on Friday, November 19, and is now with the Senate for what is sure to be a bumpy ride. The bill includes coverage of hearing aids once every 5 years for people with severe to profound hearing loss, as well as funding for universal preschool, expanded Child Tax Credits, several health and pandemic-related initiatives, renewable energy credits, and more.

ADA Provides Guidelines for Telehealth Procedures

The Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) has published guidelines for telehealth procedures that can be provided with existing technologies—such as hearing aid checks and examinations—as well as those that will require special equipment or technology, like pure-tone audiometry and diagnostic analysis of cochlear implants.

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AuDACITY 2019 Spotlights Hearing Loss in Older Adults

Starting Thursday in National Harbor, Md, this year’s ADA convention schedule is particularly packed with special sessions for audiologists who work with older adults, in addition to the usual wide variety of business-oriented sessions that help independent hearing care practice owners build their businesses.

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