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Starkey’s Sara Burdak, AuD, to Appear Live on Instagram

Starkey Chief Audiology Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing Sara Burdak, AuD, will have a conversation live on Instagram with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) this week. The discussion will focus on hearing as an essential factor in overall health and wellness. Viewers can tune in at 6 PM Central Time on Wednesday, October 20 to the Instagram handle @ASHAweb or @StarkeyHearing.

Sonova Releases 2021/21 Annual Report

Sonova says that “a sharp dip in activity in April 2020 was followed by a swift recovery, reflecting the market’s strong fundamentals, the successful launch of the Phonak Paradise platform, and Sonova’s strategic growth initiatives.” All three businesses returned to growth in the second half of the financial year, with sales up 6.6% in local currencies.

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Study Explains ‘Cocktail Party Effect’ in Hearing Loss

Plenty of people struggle to make sense of a multitude of converging voices in a crowded room. Commonly known as the “cocktail party effect,” people with hearing loss find it’s especially difficult to understand speech in a noisy environment. New research suggests that, for some listeners, this may have less to do with actually discerning sounds. Instead, it may be a processing problem in which two ears blend different sounds together – a condition known as binaural pitch fusion.

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